Vancouver based tech company, Kater, launches in Toronto

Toronto, ON – January 12, 2017 – Kater, a Vancouver based tech company, has launched their mobile app in Toronto. This app provides a new round-trip transportation service that connects you with verified drivers that drive you in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.

Driving in the Greater Toronto Area means that many hours are wasted in traffic on the 401 or waiting in line to get on to the Gardiner Expressway. Many of us prefer travelling in our own vehicle, but there are other things we would rather be doing with our time. The Kater App removes the inconveniences of time-consuming commutes, searching for parking or figuring out how to get you and your car home after having a few drinks. With Kater, travelling to Rogers Center to see a Maple Leafs game, attending the Toronto International Film Festival, preparing for a business meeting, or getting to the airport can be a productive, safe and enjoyable experience.

Benefits included in the app that sets Kater apart:

  • In-app messaging centre: chat with your driver to keep in touch from start to finish. Request errands, pick-ups, or extend your trip.
  • Live Status feature: track your driver anytime during the trip, even if you are away from your car.
  • Driver rating system: know that you’re getting a reliable, peer-reviewed driver for your safety and reassurance.

Once the app is installed, vehicle owners can pre-schedule and pay for their trips seamlessly. A fixed rate of $25 per hour means that customers can enjoy this affordable luxury while drivers also enjoy a fair wage. It’s a win-win for both drivers and passengers. Learn more about what a Kater driver has to say about his experience here.

Expect top-notch quality service as Kater puts its focus on customer service and making sure that you are happy with your trip from start to finish.

Looking to book a ride with Kater? Download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the iTunes Store (iOS).

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