Tips to Become the Ultimate Time Saver 2017!

Do you ever find there is never enough time in the day? You wake up early, drop off the kids, go grocery shopping, then do the laundry, and on it goes until you’re back to picking up the kids. It especially seems like you never have enough time to check all those boxes of your list, and never get the tasks you need completed finished by the end of the day. No need to worry because by the end of this article, you are going to become the ultimate time saver!

6 Tips to becoming A Time Saver

1. Plan Ahead

Grab a notebook and write down a to do list

Do you have to cook dinner? Laundry to do? Work to catch up on?
You’re probably saying, “stop! I know!”

The first step to becoming a time saver, is planning for the following day. So, grab that old dusty note pad next to you and start writing down everything you need to do.

This will help you feel less overwhelmed and afterwards help you see how many tasks you must complete.

Feeling better? You are only 5 tips away from becoming the ultimate time saver superhero!

2. Start with what’s important

Man surrounded by to many tasks at once wondering how to become a time saver

Is your list longer than what Cinderella was given?Don’t worry, we have your fairy godmother right here and she says…

Prioritize! To become a time saver princess (or prince), focus on what is most important and circle the tasks that must be completed right away.

Moreover, once you have decided this and completed these tasks… Bipity Bompty Boo. You have decreased the number of tasks on your list!

3. Allocate Time

Girl looking at the watch imaging how to become a time saver

Have you realized that you work all day and never get enough done? Do you feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in the Wonderland always saying… “I’m late. I’m late. I’m late for a very important meeting”

To get you out of this habit of always being late or never finishing things on time, limit yourself to eight hours a day to focus on the tasks at hand.

Not to mention, by doing this you will force yourself to get those tasks done in a set time limit. And you will never have to hear yourself quoting the White Rabbit again.

Instead, you’ll be patting yourself on the back for being an efficient time saver!

4. Get Rid of Distractions

Time saver tip organize your surroundings

Are you always distracted? De-clutter everything around you. Why? This will make your house feel cleaner and help you focus on your task at hand, rather than the clutter around you.

As a matter of fact, de-cluttering is a huge time saver because you will be able to navigate and sort through things faster.

So, start de-cluttering and pick up that broom! Start cleaning like Snow White and de-clutter everything!

5. Set the Menu Ahead of Time

Cooking food early is one way to become a time saver

You are not a chef (unless, of course, you are!). As a matter of fact you can’t just think of meals to make on the spot and you don’t have a mouse like Remy from Ratatouille that will cook meals for you.

So, why not create a weekly menu? This will be a huge time saver! If you plan your meals for dinner for the week, you can complete your grocery shopping all at once for the week.

This will save you from your kids saying, “what’s for dinner?”

6. Don’t have a calendar?

To become a time saver create a calender

Your kid’s soccer game is today? Didn’t she have piano lessons? Oh, and grandma’s appointment is today? Wait… is that today?

Do you feel like Dory, always forgetting appointments, events, lessons, and so on?

Don’t worry because we are putting a stop to your forgetfulness! In fact, all you need to do is use a calendar and to track all the lessons, appointment, and so on. This will help you see when you’re over scheduling.

You can use a traditional printed calendar, Google calendar, or the one on your phone. Whichever one you choose, it will help you become a huge time saver! (And you will no longer have to feel like Dory… wait, where am I?)

If you still feel like there is not enough time in the day to complete everything… use Kater! For instance, if you have to pick up the kids, go grocery shopping or even drop off your kids at lessons, Kater will take care of it all.

Kater is the perfect way to help you become the ultimate time saver! So, if you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day, be sure to book a trip with Kater.

With these time saver tips, everyone will be wondering how you do it!