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Our Story

For years the discord between the taxi and ridesharing businesses has left the province divided and taxi drivers fearing ridesharing compromise their ability to earn a living. Still, in all the strife between both parties, one key player has repeatedly been left out: the customer. What does the customer want? What does the customer need? Kater was founded to give customers a voice. Our partnership with both the BCTA (BC Taxi Association) and VTA (Vancouver Taxi Association) offers riders the freedom to choose whether they want a rideshare or a taxi. In working together, we are providing the province with a home-grown solution. Kater means that taxi drivers’ can continue to earn a fair wage and make a living, ridesharing is introduced to the BC market and customers have the freedom to choose.

Why Kater

Kater is a driver services app that offers a reliable, made-in-BC solution to ridesharing. Customers looking for a ride will be able to use the Kater app to identify the nearest taxi or rideshare vehicle and arrange for a pick up. With the choice of taxi, rideshare, accessible vehicle, electric vehicle, or luxury vehicle services, no customer will be left waiting more than 5 minutes. Through our partnership with both the BCTA (British Columbia Taxi Association) and VTA (Vancouver Taxi Association), Kater is the answer to using technology to bring people together.

Our Solution

Kater's adaptive machine learning techniques means that there will be enough vehicles on the road to get you where you need to go. With our 5-minute maximum wait time, the app will not only send out your request to the appropriate drivers, riders have the freedom to choose their preferred rideshare or taxi vehicle.

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