Hourly rates start at $15 per hour.

Minimum 2 hours bookings. All trips must be round trips.

Conveniently book and manage on the go.

Quick. Easy. Affordable.

Fusion Office

Cancellation Policy

  • There is no cancellation fee if more than 2 hours’ notice is provided.
  • If you cancel within 2 hours of your scheduled pick up time or if you are a no-show, there is a $50 fee to cover the cost of booking the driver’s time.
  • During your booking, you can easily extend your trip via the app. Please inform the driver if you need the booking time extended or if there is any reason that you will be unable to return to your car within the scheduled booking time.
  • It is important to communicate with your driver, especially if there are any delays. If you do not extend your booking time via the app, the driver will wait up to 3 hours for a $35 hourly fee to ensure the safety of your vehicle. He or she will also try to reach you via the app. If there is a cause for concern in regards to your whereabouts your driver will reach out to your emergency contact. Beyond this time, the driver has the right to leave the car at its parked location. You will be charged an additional $50 to compensate for the driver’s efforts to return to the original pick-up location.
  • If you no longer want the driver to drive you back to your pick-up location, you will be charged an additional $50 to compensate for the driver’s efforts to get back to the original pick-up location.

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