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BY White Rock Sun
December 07, 2016

South Surrey resident MARK CATROPPA is the driving force behind a new revolutionary “car service” that is arriving at a perfect time, the holiday season.

We recently learned about this start up company based here on the Semiahmoo Peninsula that has the world market in their sights.

Today we sit down with MARK to find out more about this revolutionary personal car service.

Mark you have recently launched a new car service called KATER ( How exactly does this new service work?

Kater is a driver on demand App. Kater drivers drive you in the comfort of your own car.

The natural question that many will ask is how does this service compare to UBER? UBER has been denied a business license in Vancouver for at least another year. Besides the vehicle used is there another particular difference in KATER that will be operating in cities where UBER is in place?

Kater does not require the license that UBER requires.
Kater can be significantly cheaper then UBER and it is way more convenient as the driver is always waiting for you.

You are launching the service just in time for the Christmas/Holiday season when people are challenged with going out for an evening which may or may not include a few festive holiday drinks. In addition to the Lower Mainland what other cities are you set to roll out your service?

We are testing and approving drivers in Calgary and Toronto right now

What will the next markets be that will soon have KATER service worldwide?

We plan to launch in the USA later in 2017 and may go to London at the same time

What is the hourly rate? I have heard and maybe you can confirm this, when hire a driver for a period of time, during the down time that you are at an event, is it possible for you to have your driver perform other duties, IE: Pick up other travelers? Perform simple duties like have the vehicle washed, pick up laundry, do grocery shopping etc.? Are there any boundaries on what duties you can have your driver perform?

$25/hour, the driver is available to do whatever you want while on a trip. Multiple pickups , laundry, lunch,coffee we tell our customers to be creative

Along those lines I would assume if a couple wanted to pick up another couple to travel with them and share the cost, is there any additional cost?

No additional cost

What type of screening process do you perform in choosing your drivers.
Personal interviews
Criminal record check
Drivers claims history check
Drivers abstract check

In addition to simply using the service for holiday events, getting to and from the airport for instance and or business executives can use your service. How would these services work?

Being able to work while you head to the airport to to a business meeting is a great use of our service, especially with distracted drving laws plus you have access to the carpool/bus lanes when you use our service.

Most new ventures are a result of an “aha moment” when the light goes and and you say “This would be a good idea.” Did you have such an “aha moment where KATER was born?”

No real aha moment, just lots of frustration with having not many options led us to be creative

KATER is now fully functioning and beta testing the service in the Lower Mainland and you are the winner. Check out the exclusive offer below KATER is partnering with the White Rock Sun which means big savings for you.


The White Rock Sun in association with KATER has a very special offer for you this Christmas season.

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