What Is Kater?

The concept of Kater evolved from one simple problem: It doesn’t make sense for me to be driving my car right now – so why am I?

Kater is evolving the way you think about commuting. Whoever said private drivers were only for the rich and famous was wrong.

Kater is a technology that connects individuals to quality, pre-screened and peer-reviewed independent personal drivers. Whether you’re planning an evening out on the town, need backseat time to catch-up on emails, or simply need someone to run your errands, Kater connects you with trusted and professional drivers so you can free up your time to focus on what matters to you.

The Process

Book with Ease

Select the date and time you want your professional certified driver to drive you in your car.

Get Confirmation

After completing the booking process, Kater will confirm your booking.

Meet Your Driver

An experienced, professional driver will arrive at your pickup location at the selected time.

Sit Back

Experience life with Kater

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Book Your Kater Experience

To book your Kater experience visit the book now section on the Kater website or call 604-501-6999 and our client care team will be happy to assist you.

If you are new customer you may book online by visiting book now and proceed as a new customer. If you are an existing client, simply proceed as an existing customer on the book now page.

We will be launching our Android & iOS app in Feb 2016. Once the app is launched all bookings and communication will be done via the app.

Insurance And Accidents


Drivers will request proof of insurance from you, for each vehicle that you need driven. The driver will provide driving services for you, only if you maintain adequate automobile liability insurance that protects third parties.

Accident or Emergency

In the case of an accident or emergency, the local emergency department must be contacted. If it is a non-emergency accident, contact Kater Customer Service. If the vehicle has valid third party insurance, the costs of any damages will be paid by the insurance.


Do More With Kater

If you would like your driver to run an errand for you, this must be specified at the time of booking. The driver can then review the errand and accept or decline the trip accordingly. If the driver agrees to the errand by accepting the trip and later declines please contact Kater Customer Service.

If you request the errand whilst the trip is in progress, the driver is not obligated to fulfill the request.

Preferred Drivers

Select Your Driver

If you have a preferred driver, please let us know at the time of booking and we will try our best to accommodate your request. If the driver is not available we will contact you prior to booking an alternative driver.


Vehicle Condition

All drivers are encouraged to leave the condition of the vehicle as it was when they first entered. If you have complaints regarding the condition and cleanliness of your vehicle after the trip please contact Kater Customer Service.

Vehicle Damages

If your vehicle is damaged whilst the driver was driving the car, please contact Kater Customer Service.

Please take pictures of the damages in question.

Change Booking

To change the date, time or location of a scheduled trip please contact us. Do not contact the driver directly for these changes. However, if the trip is in progress you can communicate directly with your driver.

For other information regarding your trip you can contact the driver directly, once you have received the drivers contact details.

Lost Or Forgotten Items

If the driver forgot something in your vehicle please contact Kater Customer Service, we will exchange contact details between you and the driver so that you can directly find a solution/pick up time that works for both of you.


Hourly Cost

The hourly rate is $25 an hour.

Trips are charged hourly and must start and finish in the same location. Please note there is a 2 hour minimum booking time.

Extended Hours

Kater gives customers the opportunity to extend bookings for up to 3 hours past the end-time of the booking. After a 10 minute grace period, cost to extend the scheduled booking is based on a charge of $5.80 for every 10 minutes beyond the booking time, or $35 per hour. All charges will be rounded up to the nearest 10 minute increment.


Split Fare

At this time we are unable to split the fare for your ride. The credit card used at the time of booking will be charged at the end of the trip. Our app, which is coming soon, will allow you to split the cost of the ride between those in your party.

Payment Method

All Kater trips are cashless; your fare is automatically charged to your credit card collected at the time of booking.

Pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express


All Kater trips are cashless; you are not required to tip the driver.

Before The Trip

If you need to cancel a trip please contact Kater Customer Service. There is no cancellation fee if more than 2 hours notice is provided. If you cancel within 2 hours of your scheduled pick up time or if you are a no-show, there is a $50 fee to cover the cost of booking the drivers time.

During The Trip

If you no longer want the driver to drive you back to your pick-up location, you will be charged an additional $50 to compensate for the driver’s efforts to get back to the original pick-up location.

Once a trip is in progress it cannot be cancelled, you will be charged for the time that has been scheduled.

Extending The Trip

If you extend your booking time you will be charged $35 an hour.

If the driver is unable to contact you and you have not extended your booking time, the driver will wait up to 3 hours at the extended rate to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Beyond this time, the driver has the right to leave the car at its parked location. You will be charged an additional $50 to compensate for the driver’s efforts to return to the original pick-up location.


Booking Trips

Once you are in the app, you will see a list of available trips you can book under the available trips tab. You can click on the trips you would like to book. Trips are booked on first come first serve basis, bid on multiple trips to ensure you get a booking!

Kater Driver PDF_Page_09 Kater Driver PDF_Page_08

Set your own preferences

Within the Kater app you will be able to set your own preferences to help filter the clients that are right for you. If you specify you are allergic to pets, trips that will have pets will be filtered in your requests.

Kater Driver PDF_Page_47

Chat Via App

We encourage reaching out to your clients prior to the trip to acknowledge the booking and any special errands, instructions or tasks they have requested. You can do this via the in app chat.

Kater Driver PDF_Page_22

Become A Driver

Partner with Kater and earn $20+ per hour. Experience the perks of getting paid weekly to drive a community of car owners who are seeking a personal driver.

  • As an experienced, pre-screened driver, Kater connects you with a network of passengers who trust you with the keys to their own vehicles. This means the cost of gas and other operational expenses never falls on your shoulders.
  • Don’t confine your earning potential to 9 to 5. You can book trips that make sense for your lifestyle
  • Never be at the mercy of being at the right place at the right time, having your trips pre-booked ensures you work and make more money when you are scheduled to do so.

In the case of an accident or emergency, the local emergency department must be contacted. If it is a non-emergency accident, contact Kater Customer Service.

If you have a personal emergency and need to cancel a shift that you have previously accepted please contact Kater Customer Service.


Each passenger requires a seatbelt; take only the number of passengers the vehicle accommodates for. If a client requests that you exceed the legal limit of passengers the vehicle can transport, please decline and notify the client that you are unable to meet that request.

Referral Program

Change The Way You Think About Commuting And Encourage Others To Do The Same.

Spread the word about Kater and give a $25 credit to a new customer whilst earning $25 for each referral, for yourself.

We are always looking for new partners. Refer a new driver to partner with Kater and earn $50.

To start referring or to learn more please contact Kater Customer Service.

* Please note this referral program is for drivers only. Your referred driver must apply to partner with Kater, pass both their background check and interview, and complete their first booking prior to you earning your $50 referral fee.

Contacting The Client


When the booking is confirmed you should text the client your contact information. The client can then contact you prior to the trip if needed.


You should also contact the customer if you encounter an unexpected delay on the way to pick up the client.


If you have arrived at the pick-up location and do not see the client, call the customer to make sure they are aware of your arrival.

Forgot something in the car:

You may contact the client so that you can directly find a solution/pick up time that works for both of you. If you no longer have the contact information of the client, please contact Kater Customer Service.

Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips to get the most out of the Kater service and ensure everyone using the service has an awesome experience.

  1. Don’t break the law, be safe.
  2. Be generous with ratings. Provide your customer with honest and respectful
  3. Have fun, whilst being safe and professional. Enjoy the ride!
  4. Share the Kater experience with everyone. Let’s expand this community, the bigger it gets the more beneficial it is for everyone.
  5. Be reliable and punctual. Being on time is very important, if you’re late you get off to a bad start and your ratings may suffer. If being late cannot be prevented, communicate with your client and let them know.
  6. Always have your driver’s license with you; you never know when you need it.
  7. Kater is 100% cashless never request or accept cash.
  8. Check the vehicle you will be driving has valid insurance documents.
  9. Make sure you and the clients are wearing seat belts.
  10. Look the part, dress professionally.
  11. Thoroughly check the vehicle you will be driving and make sure it is safe to drive. (signals work, lights work, check for leaks, check tires etc…). Check the dashboard is clear of warnings.

If at any time you feel threatened by a client please exit the vehicle and make your way back safely to the pickup location. Contact Kater customer service to report the situation.

Airport Pick Up

Meet and Greet Service – If requested by the client, you can wait for the client inside the terminal in the arrival area, holding a sign with the clients name on it would be helpful.

If you are picking up your client from the airport, get their flight information to ensure you arrive on time for their pick-up. If the flight is delayed, you should try your very best to pick up your customer. If you’re not able to provide driving services at the new time please contact Kater Customer Service.

Airport Drop Off
  • Make sure you confirm which airport and terminal you are dropping the passenger off at.
  • Drop the client off in the front, you may temporarily stop on YVR’s curbs to pick up and drop off passengers but only for 15 minutes.
  • After you have dropped the client off, drive back to the pickup location and drop the keys as instructed by the client.



About Tickets And Penalties

Traffic tickets come in two forms: citing a moving violation, such as exceeding the speed limit, or a non-moving violation, such as a parking violation. Both of these types of violations are to be paid by the driver.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets and other non-moving violations are to be paid by the driver, unless the car owner parked the car, causing the violation. For awareness purposes, the driver is responsible for presenting the car owner with any tickets received. The driver will then pay the ticket.

*If the ticket is not paid by the driver or is received after the trip (in the mail) please contact Kater Customer Service.

Moving Violations

If the driver is driving the vehicle at the time of the violation, the ticket will be payable by the driver. Examples of moving violations include but are not limited to:

  • Using electronic device while driving.
  • Exceeding speed limit.
  • Red light ticket.
  • Fail to wear seat belt, permit passenger without seat belt.
  • Fail to stop for emergency vehicle.
  • Fail to yield.
  • Yellow light at intersection/no stop before intersection.
  • Unsafe lane change.
  • Disobey traffic sign or signal.
  • Prohibited U-turn.
  • No signal on turn etc.


Kater Client Policy

To ensure the safety of drivers and clients we have put together a list of things that could lead to the termination of using Kater Services.

  1. Disruptive behavior, including inappropriate language or actions.
  2. Threats or violence of any type.
  3. Any form of discrimination.
  4. Carrying weapons of any sort.
  5. No illegal drugs in the vehicle.
  6. Using a driver for illegal activity (with or without driver’s consent).
Kater Driver Policy

To ensure the safety of drivers and clients we have put together a list of things that could lead to the termination of using Kater Services.

  1. Excessive speeding is against the law, please drive within the speed limit.
  2. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription and over the counter medication if they cause drowsiness.
  3. Never text or talk on the phone whilst driving.
  4. Disruptive behavior, including inappropriate language or actions.
  5. Smoking in the vehicle.
  6. No sharing of personal information.
  7. Carrying weapons of any sort.
  8. Threats or violence of any type.
  9. Any form of discrimination.

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