6:00 pm

Your friends arrive at your home for some pre-partying and drinks.

8:30 pm

Your professional chauffeur arrives on time. You hand her the keys to your car while she opens the car door for you and your friends.

9:15 pm

Your chauffeur pulls up to the restaurant. She exits the vehicle and opens the door for you and your friends. You walk straight into the building, no parking hassles, and most importantly no walking in the rain.

10:45 pm

It’s time to head out to a lounge for drinks. You message your chauffeur.

5 minutes later, your personal chauffeur is already parked at the front entrance of the restaurant ready to take you to your next stop.  You notice she has filled up your car with gas, as you requested.

11:10 pm

You are already inside the lounge, enjoying the music, having a good time and feeling like a VIP.

12:45 am

Ready to head home, your chauffeur is waiting for you and your friends at the front entrance. On your way back home, you decide to make a late night pit stop for food.

1:00 am

Your chauffeur gladly makes a small detour at your request. When your hunger subsides, you reflect back on your amazing evening out as you are driven home safely in the comfort of your own car.

Cost: $112.50

Experience: Flawless



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