9:15 am

You arrived at your Vancouver law office for an early office meeting. Now you are finally at your desk catching up on emails. You have an important meeting in South Surrey at 11am.

10:00 am

Your chauffeur has arrived and is waiting for you at the front lobby. You hand him your keys and step into the backseat of your car. You sit back, open up your laptop and continue working on your presentation for your 1pm meeting.

10:54 am

Your chauffeur drops you off at your first meeting location.  There is no need to search for or pay for parking.

12:05 pm

You message your chauffeur with your Starbucks order and ask him to be ready to take you to your next location at 12:30pm.

12:30 pm

You exit the building and your chauffeur is already waiting for you in front of your car with your drink in hand. You slide into the back seat of your freshly washed car. Your chauffeur has also picked up your dry cleaning, as you requested.  You continue working as you make your way to your one o’clock meeting.

2:08 pm

After a successful meeting, your chauffeur is now driving you back to your office; you start to feel hungry so you ask your chauffeur to make a quick stop for a late lunch. He gladly navigates his way to your favorite sushi spot.

3:00 pm

You are back at the office. With an extra 3 hours of backseat productivity time the normal feeling of stress after a long day of meetings has been replaced by a sense of accomplishment.


Cost: $125

Experience: Productive



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