Driving with Kater vs Driving with Uber

“Why I’m excited to be driving with Kater.” – An Uber driver shares his story.

I started as a driver with Uber with the intention of working on my own terms and deciding my own working hours. Inspired by so many stories of quick extra money, I enthusiastically drove around the city for almost three hours without a single request. In frustration, I switched off my app and drove back home. Considering it was my first day, I ignored the amount of gas used too.

The next day, with the same enthusiasm, I hit the roads again. I was lucky to get six rides, back-to-back. I drove for four hours and made $80 that day. However, I used almost $20 worth of gas and I couldn’t let go of the fact that I had used my car, non-stop for four hours. I also found opting for the rides tricky. Uber drivers only get one minute to accept a ride when a request pops up. It’s not enough time to explore my options and decide whether or not to accept the ride. Because of this, most of my rides were picked up out of desperation, which led to many surprises.

During my third day, after wasting one and a half hours on the road, I decided to head back for an event I had previously committed to. Suddenly my phone alerted me about a ride request. Out of impulse I accepted it. On my way to the passenger, I realized the destination – downtown. This was the sort of surprise that made driving so stressful. Fortunately, there wasn’t much traffic on the roads. I dropped off the customer and switched off my app immediately since I was already running late to the event.

I finally made it to the event, stressed and tired. In three hours, I made $27. However, considering the amount of gas used and the increasing mileage of my car, it turned out to be an average of $7 an hour. Similarly, almost every day had similar experiences. It didn’t feel like it was worth the effort and stress since wanting to work on my terms wasn’t working the way I had imagined. I wasn’t able to manage my time, which was one of the most important reasons why I wanted to work in this job.

A recent finding that impressed me and compelled me to write this is a new, very promising, app based chauffeur service called Kater. It’s an extremely impressive working model. Unlike Uber, they only provide drivers and not vehicles. I submitted my application, went through all the document and background checks, and finally got approved to start working with them.

I can clearly point out a few differences driving with Kater and Uber. Driving with Kater, I don’t have to roam around the roads waiting for a ride. I have at least two hours to reach the pickup point. That’s more than enough time to plan my day accordingly. In addition, once I’ve reached the pickup point, using my car or public transport, I would chauffeur the client in their own preferred and more reliable vehicle. Also, the minimum booking time of two hours means that, whether or not I am driving, I am paid for the full length of time. Every ride confirms a minimum of $40. This fresh concept is surely going to be a great choice for the customers, as well as, the drivers. I can’t wait for Kater to start operations soon in Toronto.

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