Avoid Driving, Enjoy Holiday Drinks With A V-Day Designated Driver

Its that time of year again, love is in the air and the bottles are popping! You can give your V.I.P the V.I.P experience this Valentines Day by hiring a designated driver to chauffeur you to some of the best spots in Vancouver for holiday drinks. Forget about the hassle of trying to book a designated driver to get home at the end of the night, with Kater you can book a personal driver to drive you from the start of your date to the end of your perfect night. 


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Kater partners with The BC Restaurant and Food Services Assocation (BCRFA)

February 20, 2017 – Vancouver, B.C. – Kater is excited to announce our recent partnership with The BCRFA, which is a collective group of restaurant professionals devoted to the sole purpose of creating the most favourable business environment for BCRFA members. They provide valuable information and exclusive opportunities to help improve business and achieve success. With over 3000 members, they continue to be the foremost resource for the restaurant industry. [···]

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Book a driver with Kater this New Year’s Eve

Isn’t it time that you had a seamless night out during New Year’s Eve for once!?

Trying to get a taxi in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve is almost impossible. With Uber still on standby and the Vancouver city council refusing to allow any additional licenses for taxis until October 2017, there is a greater need for drivers during the busiest time of year. [···]

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A Christmas gift certificate to solve your holiday hassles

Tackle the holiday hassles with a Christmas gift certificate

It’s the season of giving and what’s better than giving someone the gift of time? Especially, since the holidays can offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out. Even the tiniest things can be a hassle. Things like, dropping off your presents, getting groceries to prepare for your family dinner, or having to deal with the awkward conversations with relatives you haven’t seen in years. [···]

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Driving with Kater vs Driving with Uber

“Why I’m excited to be driving with Kater.” – An Uber driver shares his story.

I started as a driver with Uber with the intention of working on my own terms and deciding my own working hours. Inspired by so many stories of quick extra money, I enthusiastically drove around the city for almost three hours without a single request. In frustration, I switched off my app and drove back home. Considering it was my first day, I ignored the amount of gas used too. [···]

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