A Better Alternative to a Pricey Party Bus for Bachelorette Party!

Having a totally glam party and a wild party bus for bachelorette party is on every bride’s wish list. It must be a fun, spontaneous, and wild night to remember! Whether it’s a themed, tame, or completely crazy bachelorette party, we all have a six-lettered word we always keep in mind— “BUDGET”!

But how are you supposed to stay within budget when you need that delicious cake, that gift for your gal, and, of course, the matching outfits for those amazing photos she’ll want all over Instagram?

You can’t cut any of these out because they’re the key ingredients for a successful bachelorette party. So, what can you do?

Don’t stress out. Our Mary Poppins bag is full of surprises and will help you save more than you thought possible!

A Wiser Alternative to a Party Bus for Bachelorette Party:

Bachelorette and her friends holding drinks and celebrating

As you may already know, Kater offers personal and professional driver services in the Lower Mainland that allow you to be driven in the comfort of your own car.

With Kater’s driver services, you can get more done while still being able to focus on the most important thing— the bachelorette party.

Kater provides personalized driver services to suit your every need so that you can relax.

Not convinced? Check out some reasons why you need to ditch that party bus for bachelorette party and pick Kater instead!

1. Why is Kater a Reliable Transportation?

Alternative to party bus for bachelorette party by handing keys to Kater driver

Everyone is at your place and you see that sparkling champagne in the corner of your eye. You think “one of us must be sober to make sure everyone gets home safe.” So, you skip out to be responsible.

But with Kater, you can enjoy that bubbly along with everyone else when you choose your own personal driver. You can enter trip details and search for a driver for your trip. You can then select your preferred driver based on his or her experience, ratings, and hourly rates.

Unlike a Party bus for Bachelorette party you now can be in control of your night and pop that champagne and drink it too. And if you want to have the whole bottle, we won’t tell!

2. What is More Comfortable than a Party Bus for Bachelorette Party?

Friends sitting in a car an alternative to a party bus for a bachelorette party

Comfort is a place free of stress, the feeling of familiarity, and enjoyment. So what’s better than a party bus for bachelorette party? Your own car, of course!

With Kater, you can be driven in the comfort of your own car. We’ll take you exactly where you want to go, hassle-free.

You’ll arrive to your bachelorette party in style and feel like the VIPs you truly are as you get dropped off right at the entrance.

3. What will Your Driver do For You?

Holding drinks

Oh my! Did you forget the cakeor leave that gift you spent hours picking out at home? Stressed yet? Take a breath because your Kater driver has you covered.

Your Kater driver will run your errands for the entire time he or she is hired, at no extra cost.

And if you want to havea drink or two, no need to worry about being the DD!. That is exactly what your Kater driver will be there for— to drive you and the girls safely from one destination to the other.

So, sit back and enjoy the party because your driver will run your errands, grab that cake along the way, and be your reliable DD for the night.

4.What is Cheaper then a Party Bus for a Bachelorette Party?

Instead of paying for a party bus for bachelorette party, paying through Kater app

“Extra expenses” are the two words no one ever wants to hear. But if you opted for a party bus for bachelorette party, keep in mind that there will likely be some extra fees on top of that high price you’re already paying.

Don’t forget that tip the driver expects if he is driving a party bus for bachelorette party too.

A bachelorette party can already be expensive, as we all know. However, with Kater, the least you’ll pay is $15 per hour. Best of all? You don’t have to tip!

On top of all of this you, don’t need to worry about payment as everything is done through the Kater app.

So, instead of booking a party bus for bachelorette party in Vancouver, consider booking a trip with Kater! You’ll have a stress-free ride, have someone to help with those errands, and will be able to enjoy a worry-free evening with girls. It‘s going to be one amazing, wild, and exciting night!

You can also use Kater for so much more! Check out these 9 unique ways you can use Kater’s driver services.