About Kater

The concept of Kater evolved from one simple problem: It doesn’t make sense for me to be driving my car right now – so why am I?

It’s time for a new solution that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Kater is mobile application that allows you to hire a personal driver for your own vehicle. Whether you’re planning an evening out on the town, need backseat time to catch-up on emails, or simply need someone to run your errands, Kater connects you with trusted and professional drivers so you can free up your time to focus on what matters to you. It’s convenient, affordable and easy. Download the app today and experience the perks of being driven in your own car.

We Are Unique
Why We Stand Out

Choose your personal driver!

After entering your trip details and searching for a driver, drivers will bid on your trip. Select your preferable driver based on the drivers experience, rating and hourly rate. Now you can be in control when choosing your personal driver.

Pre-scheduled Bookings

The easy-to-use Kater application allows you to book within seconds and schedule your own personal driver service for when you need it next.

Reliable Drivers

Drivers available through Kater are experienced, friendly, insured and have undergone background checks.

Cashless & Convenient

You don’t need to carry cash or pull out your credit card. Once your driver gets you safely to and from your pick-up location, your fare is automatically charged on your pre-registered credit card. No tip required.

Simple Pricing

With a low hourly rate, the cost is clear. No complicated calculations, simply a great experience.

Helpful Feedback

Our drivers not only meet the quality standards of Kater, they meet your standards as well. All drivers are peer-reviewed.

Flexible Time

Drivers are available to book 24 hours a day. Even during your trip, you can extend your booking time with a click of button to accommodate for life’s unexpected moments.

The Kater Story

The concept of Kater evolved from one simple problem: It doesn’t make sense for me to be driving my car right now – so why am I? Founded by Monark Group, a diversified company specializing in e-commerce, business consulting, financing, and startups, Kater wants users to make use of an asset they already have – their own vehicle – to get exactly where they need to go without having to deal with the hassles and costs of driving.

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