8 Tips for New Drivers in BC

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting time and gives you the freedom to go anywhere! You’ve got your license, green N sign, and you think you’re ready to hit the road as a new driver? Give these 8 tips for new drivers a read before you go.

1) Check your car before you head out

It is crucial for new drivers to go over a mental checklist before you start your trip. Always check for leaks, signs of damage, gas levels, and your mirrors before you start driving.

Besides checking each time you drive, make sure your car get serviced regularly so you’re always prepared!

2) Put away the smartphone

Check your phone before you start your trip and keep it put away until you’ve arrived at your destination. A text message can wait until you’re safely parked. 

Distracted drivers aren’t fully focused on the road and you could get into an accident. In BC, even just using your cellphone while driving can land you with a $368 ticket.

New drivers should avoid multitasking

3) … In fact, don’t try to multitask while driving

Whether it’s eating, changing the radio, or putting on makeup, don’t try do it while driving.

Even if you’re distracted by something other than your cellphone, you’re at risk of being fined the same amount!  According to CAA , “27% of fatal crashes in BC were due to distraction. Police across Canada say that distracted driving has caused more collisions than impaired drivers.”

4) Don’t drink and drive

One of the most important driving tips. Impaired driving puts you, your passengers, and others on the road at risk.

There are so many alternatives to driving under the influence, like having a designated driver or using the Kater service to book a driver and be driven in the comfort of your own car.

5) Display your New Driver N Sign!

Displaying your N sign is one of the conditions of having a new license and you should display it like a badge of honor! Get in the habit of checking it is on your car before you start every trip because if it isn’t displayed, you’re at risk of a $109 ticket!

New drivers should plan ahead

6) Plan ahead

Do yourself a favor and check road and weather conditions before you start your trip. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic or driving in poor weather.

As a new driver you may not know all of the roads quite yet, so looking up how to get to your destination before you start driving is essential. You don’t want to be on your smartphone looking up maps while driving as it’s distracting and could put you at risk of a ticket as well.

7) Pack an emergency road kit

New drivers need to be prepared for anything! Purchase or pack an emergency road kit to keep in your vehicle. Make sure to include jumper cables, a flashlight, and an ice scraper. It’s a good idea to also pack warm clothing, water, and even some food in case you were to get stuck somewhere.

8) Always make sure you and everyone else are wearing seat belts

Wearing your seatbelt can be the difference between life and death if you were to get into an accident while driving. It’s also one of the easiest things to remember when it comes to driving. If you or your passengers fail to wear your seat belt it can lead to a $167 ticket per person.

Getting your driver’s license and starting to drive can be exciting and maybe a bit scary, but remember that everyone was once a new driver at some point in time!  Don’t be afraid to take it slow and get familiar with driving, just keep these 8 driving tips for new drivers in mind and you’ll do great.