Book a driver with Kater this New Year’s Eve

Isn’t it time that you had a seamless night out during New Year’s Eve for once!?

Trying to get a taxi in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve is almost impossible. With Uber still on standby and the Vancouver city council refusing to allow any additional licenses for taxis until October 2017, there is a greater need for drivers during the busiest time of year. [···]

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A Christmas gift certificate to solve your holiday hassles

Tackle the holiday hassles with a Christmas gift certificate

It’s the season of giving and what’s better than giving someone the gift of time? Especially, since the holidays can offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out. Even the tiniest things can be a hassle. Things like, dropping off your presents, getting groceries to prepare for your family dinner, or having to deal with the awkward conversations with relatives you haven’t seen in years. [···]

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Driving with Kater vs Driving with Uber

“Why I’m excited to be driving with Kater.” – An Uber driver shares his story.

I started as a driver with Uber with the intention of working on my own terms and deciding my own working hours. Inspired by so many stories of quick extra money, I enthusiastically drove around the city for almost three hours without a single request. In frustration, I switched off my app and drove back home. Considering it was my first day, I ignored the amount of gas used too. [···]

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Surrey startup Kater offers cheap and convenient alternative to taxis

BY Amy Reid – Surrey Now
Dec 9, 2016

SURREY — When Raman Khtaria heads downtown with three of her girlfriends this weekend, she won’t be driving, or taking a taxi, or hopping on a SkyTrain.

Instead, she’ll use Kater, a business she started that allows people to hire vetted personal drivers for their vehicle.

“So we’ll have the whole night. First a restaurant, then we’re going to a bar, then we might even go for dessert after,” said Khtaria. “The four of us, splitting the cost, we’ll pay just $40 bucks each. It’s personal chauffeur service in the comfort of your own car.”

The Surrey startup offers drivers at a rate of just $25 an hour, with a minimum charge of $50.

There’s no wait, no charge for the number of drop offs and no charge for parking.

It’s a timely service, given so many people need taxis for holiday parties this time of year, said Khtaria.

“I’ve heard so many complaints about trying to get a ride,” she told the Now. “Last year, I was out for a Christmas party and we decided to use taxis. We had to wait until 4 a.m.”

And, she added, it’s well known that taxi drivers don’t like making the long trip from Vancouver to the suburbs.

“With Kater, you can hire a driver for six hours. They drive you there, you don’t have to pay for parking and they drive you home. You get a VIP experience,” she said.

People can hire drivers using Kater’s app. With just a few swipes, a driver is booked.

“We took our time developing the app because we wanted it to be really comprehensive,” said Khtaria. “You can track your driver, book your trip, talk to the driver on there and really establish a relationship prior to the trip so it’s very comfortable when they come to your door.”

The business has nearly 100 drivers on board, said Khtaria, “so we can handle quite a bit of demand.”

Her advice?

“Book in advance,” she said.

The BC Restaurant & Food Services Association (BCRFSA) has partnered with Kater this Christmas to get people home safe.

“There is a real concern over lack of taxis to handle the Christmas rush,” said Ian Tostenson President and CEO of BCRFSA. “We have jointly developed an innovative solution to the problem.”

But offering a safe ride home is just one problem the business aims to solve, said Khtaria.

“It can be used by executives who want to get work done while commuting. You can also use the service to pick up family members, bring them to your home, or you can even pack your car and go to the airport, then have your vehicle driven home so you don’t have to pay for airport parking.

“People get really creative,” she added. “It’s convenient, affordable and easy.”



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Meet the Merchants

BY White Rock Sun
December 07, 2016

South Surrey resident MARK CATROPPA is the driving force behind a new revolutionary “car service” that is arriving at a perfect time, the holiday season.

We recently learned about this start up company based here on the Semiahmoo Peninsula that has the world market in their sights.

Today we sit down with MARK to find out more about this revolutionary personal car service.

Mark you have recently launched a new car service called KATER ( How exactly does this new service work?

Kater is a driver on demand App. Kater drivers drive you in the comfort of your own car.

The natural question that many will ask is how does this service compare to UBER? UBER has been denied a business license in Vancouver for at least another year. Besides the vehicle used is there another particular difference in KATER that will be operating in cities where UBER is in place?

Kater does not require the license that UBER requires.
Kater can be significantly cheaper then UBER and it is way more convenient as the driver is always waiting for you.

You are launching the service just in time for the Christmas/Holiday season when people are challenged with going out for an evening which may or may not include a few festive holiday drinks. In addition to the Lower Mainland what other cities are you set to roll out your service?

We are testing and approving drivers in Calgary and Toronto right now

What will the next markets be that will soon have KATER service worldwide?

We plan to launch in the USA later in 2017 and may go to London at the same time

What is the hourly rate? I have heard and maybe you can confirm this, when hire a driver for a period of time, during the down time that you are at an event, is it possible for you to have your driver perform other duties, IE: Pick up other travelers? Perform simple duties like have the vehicle washed, pick up laundry, do grocery shopping etc.? Are there any boundaries on what duties you can have your driver perform?

$25/hour, the driver is available to do whatever you want while on a trip. Multiple pickups , laundry, lunch,coffee we tell our customers to be creative

Along those lines I would assume if a couple wanted to pick up another couple to travel with them and share the cost, is there any additional cost?

No additional cost

What type of screening process do you perform in choosing your drivers.
Personal interviews
Criminal record check
Drivers claims history check
Drivers abstract check

In addition to simply using the service for holiday events, getting to and from the airport for instance and or business executives can use your service. How would these services work?

Being able to work while you head to the airport to to a business meeting is a great use of our service, especially with distracted drving laws plus you have access to the carpool/bus lanes when you use our service.

Most new ventures are a result of an “aha moment” when the light goes and and you say “This would be a good idea.” Did you have such an “aha moment where KATER was born?”

No real aha moment, just lots of frustration with having not many options led us to be creative

KATER is now fully functioning and beta testing the service in the Lower Mainland and you are the winner. Check out the exclusive offer below KATER is partnering with the White Rock Sun which means big savings for you.


The White Rock Sun in association with KATER has a very special offer for you this Christmas season.

Visit the KATER website, download the KATER app then simply enter the code WHITEROCK50 for a $50.00 reduction in your car service fee.

Book the car service for four hours and only pay $50.00 for your night out.

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Kater App Connects Car Owners with Drivers to Decrease Driving Distractions

BY Bussiness Wire
September 26, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After a successful beta-launch, a Vancouver based technology company launches a new mobile app which gives you the convenience of riding in your own vehicle without the hassle and stress of driving. It’s called Kater, a comprehensive app that connects vehicle owners with professional chauffeurs who drive them around in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Kater is a round-trip chauffeur service. It takes the woes out of driving by removing the inconveniences of time-consuming commutes, searching for parking or determining how to get you and your car home safe after having a few drinks. Travelling to an event, preparing for a business meeting or getting to the airport can be a productive, safe and enjoyable experience.

After installing the app, vehicle owners can pre-schedule a vetted driver to arrive at their pick-up location. The entire process is cashless and seamless; there are no surprises at the end of the trip and no need to calculate a tip.

The cost? An affordable rate of $25 an hour.

Kater allows you to make the most out of an asset you already own, your vehicle. Unlike expensive limousines, town cars or services such as Uber or Lyft, your vehicle is perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. There is a sense of comfort and reliability that comes with being in a car that you know is well maintained.

Features that set Kater apart from other transportation apps include:

  • The ability to track your driver, even when you are not in the car.
  • In app messaging center that allows you to request errands, pick-ups or extend your trip.
  • A driver rating system, so you know you’re getting a reliable, peer-reviewed driver.

Kater drivers undergo an extensive vetting process, which looks at driving history and conducts background checks, before they are approved. Interested in driving with Kater? Apply at

“Our beta test in Vancouver gave us an opportunity to see how users and drivers interact with Kater and each other, allowing us to improve the concept and technology” says Mark Catroppa, the Co-founder of Kater. During the beta test alone, Kater freed up over 3000 hours of driving time for users– time now spent being more productive, less stressed and enjoying a whole new way of commuting.

With a 91% customer retention rate, Kater is now launched in Vancouver, with plans to launch in other major Canadian cities shortly. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play. Download the app and use promo code Kater25 to get your first hour free.

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Get chauffeured in style to the next Canucks game

BY DailyHive
Nov 23, 2016

Parking in Vancouver can be a nightmare – especially when you’re the designated driver on game night.

The roads are plugged with hundreds of other vehicles trying to go to the same place and traffic is stop-and-go at best. Parking is hard to find and always overpriced. But thanks to Kater, a local tech company and preferred partner of the Canucks, you can enjoy the comfort of your own car without the hassle.

Cashless and convenient, Kater connects customers to qualified drivers through its mobile app. After a quick signup process, vehicle owners can schedule a driver to pick them up at their chosen destination and take them to wherever they want to go.

Unlike other rideshare services, Kater drivers are available for your entire night. They’ll drive you to the front door of the building, open the door for you, and then park your car, at no cost.

Customers can track their drivers with the Kater app throughout the night, so even if you aren’t in the car, you’ll have peace of mind.

When you’re ready to leave, they’ll pick you up and bring you home – unless you want to keep the night going. Then they’ll take you to the next stage of your adventure.

When you get Kater to take you to a Canucks game, the whole night opens up. You and your friends can relax on the way to the game, catching up on past highlights and debating player stats without worrying about parking. You can celebrate goals with cheers and beer – and not have to worry about being the designated driver.

You’ll feel like a VIP all night, and what’s even better, Kater charges a flat rate of $25 an hour, so it won’t strain your wallet.


To show how game night can turn into a great night, Kater is offering a special prize package for Daily Hive readers. When you book a personal chauffeur for November 29, you’ll receive two lower bowl tickets to the Canucks game that evening.

To receive two lower bowl tickets to the Vancouver Canucks versus Minnesota Wild game, do the following:

Download the Kater app
Book your trip to the game on November 29 using the promo code: TIXS2GAME
It’s that easy.

Kater has a limited number of tickets available, so book early to be sure you don’t miss out. Check out their website for details.

Don’t want to commit to four hours, even if it means missing out on free Canucks tickets? Download the app and get the first hour free with promo code HIVE25.

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