Currently, we offer a chauffeur service in which you are driven in the comfort of your own vehicle.

We are working on bringing rideshare to the province in collaboration with both the BC and Vancouver Taxi Associations.

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Choose your own driver

Driver's will submit their bid for your trip. You can choose your driver based on cost, star rating, experience, or if you have used them before.

Get where you need to go in a known comfort

The driver arrives at your scheduled start time. Hand over the keys and relax while you get driven in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Stay in contact

You can stay in contact with your driver and know where they are at any time during the trip with our in-app chat and driver tracking.

Review your cashless transaction

After the trip is completed, the app completes the payment. You are able to review the invoices for all of your trips at anytime in-app.


Kater provides you with a more convenient, cost-effective and personalized way of traveling.
Your personal chauffer will pick and drop you off wherever you need to go.



I used a Kater driver to get to my meetings downtown as I had a long day ahead of me and didn't want to be bothered with traffic or parking.


With Kater, I was able to send my driver to pick up and drop off my clients. I didn't have to worry about wasting time commuting or parking.


I used Kater, so I could prepare on the way to my interview and even arrive early.


I own a catering company and sometimes we have weddings further out, many of my staff don't drive and the busses don't go out that way. I hired Kater to have all my staff there on time with no stress!


We usually use Kater at the office to pickup and drop off a lot of our clients that are from out of town.


We have used Kater for picking up food and drinks for our weekly company hangouts on Friday.


A client of mine from overseas wanted to tour the city. I was lucky enough to find a Kater driver who knew the city well enough to give him real insights while driving him around.


I was attending a function where I knew I was going to have a few drinks, so I decided to use Kater. Even though I booked last mintue, I still got a driver.


With Kater, it was a whole lot easier to travel for business, I was able to pick my driver and not worry about communication as everything was done through the app.



I used Kater for a birthday party this weekend. A few of my friends came with me and we were able to get to the party and home safely. There weren't even additional costs for making extra stops, so we could drop everybody off!


We always use Kater for our airport pick up and drop offs. It's a reasonable price and convenient!

Night Out

Once a month, my friends and I like to have a night out in the city. It made sense to use a Kater driver to take us to multiple bars and restaurants before heading home. No need to worry about missing the last train!


I had to do christmas shopping and was lucky to have the driver drive me to all my main places to quickly shop and get it over with. Go Kater!


I had a date and wanted to give a good first impression. Having a driver who is able to take the stress away from parking and being a call away certainly helped!


I had a few car issues that needed to be sorted. I had a Kater driver take it to the mechanics to drop it off, get it fixed and get it cleaned. Def saved 4 hours of my time.


I booked a Kater driver to pick up my car and my bags from home and drop it off to my office as I had to travel last minute.


I had relatives visiting from out of town and I had something urgent that I needed to get done at work so I used Kater to give my relatives a tour around the city and had my driver take them to all the hot spots!



I hosted an event at home and booked a Kater driver as a valet to park my guests vehicles. Nobody had to worry about parking.

Family Trip

I hired a driver to drive a rental car to take us around town for our annual family trip. More fun, less driving.


Using Kater for my wedding helped me with any last minute errands and making sure my guests were well taken care off.


I used a Kater driver for my daughter's prom night to make sure her and her date were safe and got home on time.

Girls Night

I planned a girl's day where we would check out all the wine tours. I had Kater drive us all day so that we can enjoy ourselves without the stress of driving.


I had an event in the city that I needed to attend to. I was dropped off promoptly, on time and right at the door. Talk about hassle free.


I had a birthday party and needed someone to help with last minute taska nd pick up all the food/drinks and snacks. Definitely stress free.


I had a party at home and had my driver use my car to pick up my guests and drop them off at the end of the night.



I was out of town and unable to get my grandmother to her doctor's appointment. Luckily Kater was able to drive her to and from the appointment, safely and on time.


I broke my foot and wasn't able to drive. I booked a Kater driver to drive me to work and home in my own car!


I needed to get my winter tires put on, but couldn't find the time to go myself. My Kater driver drove me to work, took my car to the shop, and then picked me up when it was all done!

School Pick-Up

I hired a driver to pick up my kids from school while I was stuck in meetings at work. The tracking function in the app was great because I could see exactly where they were.


I was moving apartments, but was a bit nervous about driving a large rental truck. I hired a Kater driver to drive the truck and it put my mind at ease!


I used Kater for the first time and was very impressed, my driver was punctual, professional and made me feel comfortable the minute he arrived!


I had an important meeting, and could not take a chance on being late due to traffic or lack of parking. My Kater driver picked me up and dropped me off right on time with no hassle!


I planned a surprise date night for a special couple and need to arrane transportation right away with Kater the night was a breeze.


The whole expereince from start to finish was excellent! I needed to book transportation to four locations, with small changes inbetween my driver was professional, accomodating and made everything stress free.


I give Kater 5 stars, my driver was porfessional, punctual, easy going and did not mind how many times I asked to stop for a small errand. I will definelty be using Kater again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how much Kater will cost? How insurance works? Or why you should use Kater? Looking for answers? Don't worry! All the answers you are looking for can be found below.

Are you guys like Uber?

Like Uber, we connect customers with drivers. Unlike Uber, Kater customers are driven in the comfort of their own vehicle. This means customers can sit back and relax in their own car knowing that a professional, vetted driver is navigating them around the city.

Why should I use Kater?

Kater is a low cost per hour booking service. If you are carpooling with friends, traveling between cities, going from meeting to meeting, or seeking a VIP experience, Kater makes a lot of sense. Check out our Experience Kater page to realize all the benefits of Kater.

How are drivers selected?

Our selection process is comprehensive and thorough. On average, our drivers have 16 years' experience and many hold Class 1 licenses. In order to apply to be a partner driver, you must have at least a Class 5 license with over 2 years of non-learner experience. Additionally, you must be over the age of 21. All drivers must pass a background check, an interview, online training session and test before getting access to the Kater platform. For more detailed information please see our partner page.

How are you different than a designated driving service?

Kater is a round-trip chauffeur service; this means our partners aren't just drivers who get you from point A to B. Your professional driver is available during your entire booking time and even longer if you need to extend your booking time. Your personal chauffeur will drive you, open doors for you, run errands for you, pick-up family and friends for you and even fill-up your gas tank for you. They will also park your car at no additional cost.
Better yet, you never have to wait to be picked up or worry about extra charges that come with long distance travel or multiple stops. Kater allows you to enjoy a VIP experience so you can focus on what really matters to you.

How much will this cost me?

After entering your trip details and searching for a driver, drivers will bid on your trip and provide you with their hourly rate. You have the option to choose your preferred driver based on hourly rate, rating and experience. Rates typically range from $15 to $25 per hour.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a trip please cancel the trip within the Kater app. There is no cancellation fee if more than 2 hours' notice is provided. If you cancel within 2 hours' of your scheduled pick up time or if you are a no-show, there is a $50 fee to cover the cost of booking the driver's time.

How does Insurance work?

Drivers will request proof of valid vehicle insurance from you. The driver will provide driving services for you only if you maintain adequate automobile liability insurance that protects third parties.

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